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General Business Administration

Ventura County General Business & Contract Attorneys ©Valentin MendozaEvery business has paperwork and compliance requirements set by the Federal Government and the State of California. These compliance requirements can be complicated and confusing for business owners, when all they really want to do is run their business. We can help keep track of your paperwork in order to keep you compliant, and to keep your business going strong. We routinely assist our clients with keeping their annual corporate minutes current, keep track of your tax returns, statements of information, annual contract renewals, and more.

These reports and documents are incredibly important not only for your corporate compliance, but also to protect your assets. If your reports and minutes are not current, you could be in breach of your corporate duties. This means that if you aren’t current with your corporate records, and your business is successfully sued, your personal assets could be liable and lost. Keeping up with corporate minutes and your other regular paperwork is one of the best things you can do for your business, and for your personal assets.

We will be happy to help you protect your business and your personal assets for the duration of your business.