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Real Estate Sales and Leases

Ventura County Real Estate & Leases Lawyer ©Valentin MendozaWe are often consulted by our clients in connection with both routine and unusual real estate sales and leases. As is the case in all transactions that we handle for our clients, our goal is to give our clients these services which provide a valuable benefit at the least possible cost. Accordingly, we focus on the issues and problems that are most important and which have economic consequences for our clients. While the language of real estate sales agreements and leases and other documents for such transactions is important to achieving the clients’ goals for the transaction, we have the knowledge and experience to distinguish between the provisions that are critical to achieving the client’s goals and those which are less important and are not worth arguing about with the other party. Because we are familiar with California’s standard forms for real estate transactions, we are able to quickly and efficiently assist our clients with their problems in such transactions.